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  • How many can do a room at once?
    Our site is set to allow 8 participants in one room as this number seems to be a good limit due to space, however more participants can fit in certain rooms if absolutely necessary. If there is a request for more participants, please contact Deadbolt before booking for more information.
  • Who else is in the room with my group?
    All of our rooms are private so it will be just you and your team. After at least one spot is paid for, the entire room is blocked out to ensure it will just be your group in the room.
  • Am I actually locked in the room?
    You will be escorted in the room through a door that will always remain unlocked throughout the game play. This is for emergencies, for you to take phone calls if needed, or for restroom breaks during the game. There is another way out of the room that might not be apparent when you first look around. That is the goal of the escape room is to find the alternative way to escape.
  • What ages are appropriate for Deadbolt escape rooms?
    Our recommendations are as followed: 13+ can do the room with or without adult supervision, but may need to have an adult sign a waiver if they are a minor. 8-12 can do the room, but only with adult participation as well. 7 and under can accompany parents in the rooms upon request. Having said all this, some of our rooms may not be appropriate for younger children, and this is to be determined by the parent after reading our room descriptions.
  • What is to be expected while I'm in the escape room?
    Escape rooms tend to be dimly lit and an immersive atmosphere. Please bring your reading glasses if you need them as some of the locks have small print.
  • What if I want to add more people after I already booked?
    You or your team can pay for any extras once you arrive!
  • Is there anything I need to know before I arrive?
    Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time, as there are rules and information our staff will need to go over before you start your game. We do have lockers available for your personal items like purses and coats and these are lockable. We do also have restrooms you can use while at our facility.
  • How much do the escape rooms cost?
    Cost is $25 plus tax per participant.
  • Is the escape room scary?
    While all escape rooms are immersive and may be spooky, they are not scary like a haunted house. There are no live actors (except around our Halloween season, and only by request). Escape rooms tend to be more exhilarating and fun than spooky or scary.
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