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To hear her is to loose your hearing...

"Come play with me." Sally would hear a voice coming from the apple orchard every night while she was doing her chores before bed. She often looked for the source of the voice, but no one was ever there. On the night on September 6th 1934, the voice was unmistakable and loud. "COME PLAY WITH ME NOW!" She went as far as the second apple tree when she felt a sudden quick tug on her ears from sharp, long fingers. Quickly her nightgown was drenched in blood, pouring from the ears to her shoulders and down her sides, but alas, she was free of the haunting voice, only hearing mumbles for the rest of her life. She did not speak for the rest of her life either, she was so traumatized from the encounter. Her mother died from anguish, never to hear her daughter speak or sing again. Sally left a recording of the last song she heard in her mother's casket, only for it to resurface today, September 6th 2022.

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