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Portsmouth's Premier Escape Experience


309 Jefferson Street
Portsmouth, Ohio

Tucked away in a corner of the historic Boneyfiddle district is an escape from reality, an escape from the ordinary. Deadbolt offers adventure and thrill in the form of 60 minute escape room experiences at our physical location at the Deadbolt Warehouse, an abandoned historic shoe factory. Browse our rooms and book a mystery for a thrilling experience right here in Portsmouth, Ohio. 

The Rooms

Click a room to find out more about that escape room adventure!

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The Collection

Escape Ed and Lorraine Warren's famous occult museum of the paranormal before you are never the same...

Precinct 740

As the new recruits for Precinct 740, you have been assigned Portsmouth's most critical case... will you save your hometown?

Cabin Graphic with frame2.jpg

The Cabin

As you are hiking through the Shawnee State Forest you stumble upon a cabin. You are definitely lost so you decide to ask for directions...

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Castle Dracula

Escape the twisting corridors of the vampire's castle, you only have 1 hour till dusk...

Facbook image.jpg

Castle Dracula

Escape the twisting corridors of the vampire's castle, you only have 1 hour till dusk...

Sunset Bar

The Curse of Tiki Island

What was meant to be a vacation in paradise is far from Hawaiian bliss... Our largest and most immersive room yet! 

What is an escape room? 


Escape rooms are a form of live entertainment where you and your friends will solve a series of puzzles in order to escape before time runs out. Discover clues and receive hints in the fully immersive environment of the Deadbolt warehouse. 

This is an live interactive event where you will be touching and manipulating items in a room. There will be no need for external items including cell phones or outside knowledge to solve any of the puzzles. Just bring you, and your friends for an "unplugged" entertainment evening! 

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"We did "The Cabin" escape... it was a great experience! Friendly staff and good location. Check them out!!! 


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