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Mobile Escape Room

Mobile Escape Room

Mobile escape rooms are all the rage for afterproms, birthdays, fundraisers and festivals! Deadbolt has created it's own version of a mobile escape room in the theme of a traveling circus! "Under the Big Top" is a 10-15 minute escape room designed for 5-6 participants. Escapees will race around a circus tent to find clues and solve puzzles to ultimately escape the big top before time runs out! 

How does the traveling escape room work?

Deadbolt will arrive prior to event starting time to set up the unit. A team will accompany the mobile escape room to work it during the agreed upon time frame. A minimum of 3 hours is needed for the mobile unit to be booked. Extra time can be secured through the initial contract or at the event if we see more guests are in line to participate after the agreed upon time is over. 

"Under the Big Top" mobile escape room is best booked after contacting Deadbolt about scheduling and discussing the nature of the event. Please do not hesitate to contact us about pricing and details! 

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